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Original Freelancer Server-english version
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Rules of server
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Original Freelancer Server (OFS)-server PvP-RP (player versus player-roleplay)

General rules of server.


Upon entering the game, you automatically agree to these rules.

1. Main rules of Original Freelancer Server
1.1. Do not enter on server with cheats, mods, hacks and other modifications of the game.
1.2. Do not use any third-party software to refill supplies.
1.3. Using non-latinic symbols in nicks is prohibited.
1.4. Do not use tag [FL]; do not attack pilots with tag [FL].

2. Rules of PvP-player versus player
2.1. Any system of Sirius is PvP zone.
2.2. Pilots, using PvP tag, cannot attack players, using any RP tag and vice versa.
2.3. Pilots that using only PvP engagements must set tag F or Freelancer in front of char name (nick).
Example: F-Nick or Freelancer-Nick

3. Rules of RP-roleplay
3.1. Any accesible system of Sirius is RP zone.
3.2. Pilots, that don't belong to any clans of groups, must set faction affilation tag (role) in front of char name(nick) and system affilation tag behind char name(nick).
Example: M-Nick-Li, or Military-Nick-Li, where is Military(M)-role, Nick-char name, Li-system affilation tag.
Members of clans and groups must set clan tag in place of faction afflilation tag and system affilation tag.
Example: TF-Nick-Li, where is TF-your clan tag(may vary depending on your clan; in two words-set tag of your clan in this place), Nick-char name, Li-system affilation tag.

M - Military
P - Police
X - Pirate
H - Bounty Hunter
T - Trader
F - Freelancer (PvP only tag)

System affilation:
Li - Liberty
Br - Bretonia
Ku - Kusari
Rh - Rheinland
BW - Border Worlds (includes Tau, Sigma, Omega, Omicron, Unknown systems)

3.3. Fighters actions zone determined by system affilation and faction affilation tags according to table OFS-RP(download, watch(the table is half-russian, but it should be readable). All ships may act in border zones of neighboring systems.
3.3.1. Trade ships (Freighter) may fly in all system without any restrictions; trade tag T needed.
Example: Nick-T or T-Nick
You may also combine this tag with RP tag, example: M-Nick-T; or with your clan tag, example: TF-Nick-T.
3.4. Pilots without corresponding tags may be attacked by any pilot of server; in case of violation of paragraph 3.3. such pilots may be kicked or banned.
3.5. Don't use profanity, words, violating human dignity, or you will be banned.

4. Rules of clans and groups
4.1. Registration of clans and groups on the server is conducted in "Clans" forum.
4.2. Clan or group may act according to its statute or set of rules without violating section 3.3 of these rules.
Rules under development, please periodically check them for updates!
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