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User commands of FLHook v.1.6.7
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User commands may be entered ingame by every player in chat. Enter them ingame to get a description.

/set diemsg xxx
while xxx must be one of the following values:
- all = all deaths will be displayed
- system = only display deaths occurring in the system you are currently in
- self = only display deaths the player is involved in(either as victim or killer)
- none = don't show any death-messages

/set diemsgsize <small/default>
- change the size of the diemsgs

/set chatfont <size> <style>
<size>: small, default or big
<style>: default, bold, italic or underline
this lets every user adjust the appearance of the chat-messages

/autobuy <on|off>
- on: saves the current configuration of unmounted items and attempts to
complete that configuration upon entering a base.
- off: deletes the current configuration.

/ignore <charname> [<flags>]
ignore chat from certain players

/ignoreid <client-id> [<flags>]
ignore by client-id

/delignore <id> [<id2> <id3> ...]
delete ignore entry

display ignore list

/ignoreuniverse <on|off>
Ignores chat from the universe channel

show client-ids of all players

show own client-id

/i$ <client-id> and /invite$ <client-id>
invite player to group by client-id

/groupmark and /gm
Marks selected object for the entire group.

/groupunmark and /gum
Unmarks the selected object for the entire group.

/ignoregroupmarks <on|off>
Ignores marks from others in your group.

/automark <on|off> [radius in KM]
Automatically marks all ships in KM radius. Bots are marked automatically in the
range specified whether on or off. If you want to completely disable automarking,
set the radius to a number <= 0.

/transfer <charname> <item>
Transfers <item> to <charname>. Valid items are those that are not grouped
(like commodities and ammo).

/transfer$ <client-id> <item>
Same as above but with client-id.

Prints out a number for each cargo item that can be used with the /transfer command.

/dp [on|off]
Shows information about the death penalty. Also sets whether a notice about how
much the death penalty costs is shown upon launch.

/tag <faction>
Changes your affiliation to <faction>, making it appear beside your name ingame.

/help [command] and /? [command]
If command is not specified, prints out list of commands. If it is specified,
prints out information on command.
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